What age groups are available?
  • We typically have boys and girls teams in the U10, U12, U14 and U16 age groups depending on interest.  We sometimes have a couple of teams per age group when the numbers are great enough.

How do I register?
  • Click on the registration link and fill out the application.  
How do I order a uniform?
  • We have changed uniforms this season to cut down on overall costs, which parents will be responsible to obtain at Sideline Graphix ($25 for each home and away jerseys).. Black shorts and black socks will also be required. Download order form.
What leagues do you play in?   
  • Typically our younger teams (U10 and below) play in the East Central league Rec+ (http://www.eciysl.com) with games in nearby cities with emphasis on skill development and more even playing time.
  • Our older teams typically play in the Central league travel(http://www.soccerindiana.org).  These are more advanced leagues with more dedication and training requirements required.

Who coaches the teams?
  • Our Rec+ teams are typically coached by a parent volunteer. 
  • Our Travel teams are typically coached by a licensed coach.  These coaches in the past have been local high school coaches, British soccer coaches, and local college players.

What is required of a parent?
  • See our policy on game etiquette at The Soccer Indiana website
  • Have your son or daughter at practice on time.  Please communicate with the coach if they will not be there. 
  • Be at games no later than 30 minutes before kick off
  • Each player is expected to have a parent volunteer for at least one activity during the year.  The opportunities are typically in field maintenance, concession stand, and team managing. 
  • Additional resources are available at The Soccer Indiana website.

What equipment does my child need to participate?
The following equipment is needed to play in our Travel program:
  1. Uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks.
  2. Shin guards are mandatory and must be worn at every game and practice. They can be purchased from a retail or sports store.
  3. Soccer shoes should be worn and can be purchased at retail or sports stores. Soccer shoes have rubber cleats. Soccer shoes differ from other cleated shoes in that they do not have a front toe cleat. Cleats under the front edge of the shoe (ex. baseball cleats) are illegal for reasons of safety.
  4. Water bottle should be brought to practices and games.
  5. Every player must bring a soccer ball to practice and to the games. The recommended sizes are as follows:
    • U8 -size 3
    • U10 & U12 – size 4
    • U14 – size 5
When are games played?
  • The fall season starts around the same time as school, and the spring season begins around mid-April. Games are played on Saturday and Sunday during the season.  There will occasionally be some weeknight games as well.   

How many games are there?
  • Our Rec+ teams play 10 games a season and our travel teams play 8 games a season.  Some of our travel teams elect to play in a tournament with additional cost (up to $100) involved.  This is on a weekend and usually is 3 to 4 additional games during the season.  The tournaments are usually in the Indianapolis area.

How often do you practice?
  • We practice two times a week (90 minutes) during the season.  Before the games start, some teams elect to get a third practice in on Saturday. 

Will I be able to play multiple sports while playing soccer?
  • We encourage athletes to play additional sports.  There are minimum expectations for practices and games.  This should be worked out with the head coach at the very beginning of the season.

Where is practice?
  • Practice is held on the HCYS fields on the West side of State Road 3 in Memorial Park

Where are the games played?
  • Half of the games will be played at HCYS fields and the other half will be played at an away field.
  • Players in the East Central League will play their away games in a few of these cities: Hagerstown, Richmond, Connersville, Centerville, and Union County
  • Players in the ISL will play their away games primarily in Indianapolis with usually 1 game about 2 hours away (Bloomington, Marion, Lafayette, etc)

How is playing time decided?
  • In the Rec+ league, playing time is as evenly distributed as possible.  Playing time can be affected by attitude, effort, conditioning, and practice time. 
  • In the travel leagues, playing time is not guaranteed and is based on attitude, effort, conditioning, skill, and practice time.

Who referees the games?
  • The state requires that we have three paid Indiana certified referees at each game (except U10 and younger only require 1 center referee).  The younger age groups will typically have referees with less experience with the older age groups using more experienced referees.  Referees are always needed.